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    Redstone Arsenal, AL - Chaplain

    Goss Road
    Bldg 376
    Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898

    Chapel Information 842-2176
    Catholic Chaplain 842-2178
    Protestant Chaplain 842-2174
    Resource Manager 842-2965
    59th ORD BDE Chaplain 876-1381
    832nd ORD BN Chaplain 842-0799
    Religious Ed. Coordinator 876-6874
    Catholic Parish Assistant 842-2175
    FAX (256)876-4889
    Emergencies (AOC) 313-2066

    The Bicentennial Chapel Historical Society was formed in 1988 to promote community involvement in historical recognition and preservation of religious heritage.

    The Huntsville community's involvement led to a total of twenty-one stained glass windows in Bicentennial Chapel. The entrance into the chapel is highlighted with a picture of General George Washington with his soldiers at Valley Forge. The entrance to the sanctuary has the overhead view of the Greek letters of the Alpha and Omega. Fourteen stained glass windows dedicated in July 1992 line the sanctuary and commemorate America the beautiful and the thirteen original states. Four stained glass windows in the pulpit area dedicated 4 July 1993, commemorate the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the birth of the Army Chaplaincy.

    Behind the pulpit is the POW/MIA Remembrance Window dedicated November 1997, depicting soldiers of WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam as well as a praying soldier from the Desert Storm era.

    Our stained glass windows serve as a continuing reminder of the Huntsville community's appreciation for our military and government personnel, their dedicated service to the nation and their contribution not only to our national security but also the unequalled quality of life in Madison County.

    Protestant Sunday School 0930
    Protestant Worship Service 1100
    Catholic Mass 0930
    CCD 1045
    832nd Bible Study (Wednesday) 1900