Redstone Arsenal, AL - Gate Hours, Map and Status

    The Redstone Arsenal occupies many acres to the southwest of Huntsville, AL,and has six access points. The Main Gate 9 on Rideout Rd is open 24 hours. Gate 10 on Patton Rd and Gate 1 on Martin Rd East are both open M-F, 0530-2100, but the latter has a Truck Lane open 0530-1300, M-F. Gate 3, located on Redstone Rd, is open M-F: 0530-1300 In & Outbound traffic and 1300-1800 for Outbound traffic only. Gate 7 on Martin Rd West is also open twice a day, M-F: 0530-1400 In & Out and 1400-2100 Outbound only. Gate 8 on Goss Rd is open every day of the week from 0530-2100. There are two Visitor Control Centers (VCC), one at Main Gate 9 and another at Gate 1, which handles Commercial/Construction Visitors, as well. 

    Gate 9 (Rideout Rd) - Main Gate
    Gate Operation Information: 24/7
    Gate 1 (Martin Rd East)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0530-2100
    Truck Lane: 0530-1300
    Gate 3 (Redstone Rd)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri 0530-1300
    Outbound Only: Mon-Fri 1300-1800
    Gate 7 (Martin Rd West)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri 0530-1400
    Outbound Only: Mon-Fri 1400-2100
    Gate 8 (Goss Rd)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Sun: 0530-2100
    Gate 10 (Patton Rd)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0530-2100